Investigaytors is a program focused on training LGBTQ2 people interested in health research. Participants will gain tangible skills in quantitative and qualitative research methods, social determinants of health, HIV prevention and sexual health, and the utility of research in addressing health inequities and knowledge gaps. Participants will learn and be grounded in the principles of community-based research and focus on investigating queer health. There is no academic or education experience required. People with all levels of experience are encouraged to apply.

The primary goal of the program is to transfer research skills and knowledge to the LGBTQ2 community. Using ‘Sex Now’ survey data, participants will develop a research project as a team and be involved in every step of the process, learning from experienced researchers. Participants will learn tangible skills, and about queer health, while producing research designed to address inequities and knowledge gaps.

Previously, Investgaytors have contributed to the analysis of Sex Now, Canada’s largest GBT2Q health survey, and developed informational packages like the PrEP toolkit. In addition to this, the Investigaytors have authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and community reports, and have presented their research at national and international conferences.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the BC Investigaytors program, or have questions, please contact Morgan McCulloch, BC Investigaytors Program Coordinator, at [email protected].